Bio-recovery specialist setting the standard in decontamination services for all forensic, trauma and crime scene cleaning where death, injury or property damage occurs.

Following a death, injury, criminal act or traumatic event, once law enforcement agencies conclude their investigations, the onus falls on the property owner to restore the scene to its original condition and make the area safe for future residents.

While it can be tempting to clean the property yourself, a certified forensic cleaner may be required to safely contain and remove biological hazards including blood, bodily fluids and hazardous waste to restore the property meeting legal obligations in the first instance, whilst reducing the trauma faced by residents and victims of crime.

Failing to decontaminate a property following a crime or major incident poses a severe risk of airborne diseases to residents and visitors to the building.

Remove immediate threat to occupants and avoid future building damage caused by contamination, call Bluey’s Cleaning Solutions on 1800 925 925.

Gold Coast own leading forensic cleaning service

Established in 2008, Bluey’s Cleaning Solutions is proudly owned and operated on the Gold Coast by Kathi and Mick Byrnes, highly trained and experienced forensic cleaning technicians.

We safely assess hazards and manage all processes restoring your property as quickly as possible, following a homicide, suicide, unattended death, medical trauma, workplace accident, hoarding and squalor or other biohazard event.

Ensuring your family is protected from potential disease-causing pathogens and visual reminders that can lead to prolonged trauma remains our focus and overall goal. We can’t change what happened but we’re here to help you on the road to recovery.

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Why Choose Bluey's Forensic Cleaning Services ?

  • IICRC Certified Firm in property restorations
  • Emergency callout available, qualified technicians on call 24/7
  • Discreet service with a focus on site safety and confidentiality
  • Safely contain & remove biological hazards as regulated waste
  • Innovative sanitising and decontamination services
  • Site validation of hygiene restoration

Exceeding expectations in forensic, trauma & crime scene cleaning

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