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Forensic crime scene cleaning is often required to restore safe & hygienic living conditions in the aftermath of a fatality or serious injury where blood or other bodily fluids pose a significant risk to occupant health & welfare that is now more then ever recognised as a hazardous and dangerous role to complete.

Removing the evidence of a fatality or serious injury following a crime or trauma incident has traditionally been the responsibility of owners who are often relatives of victims left with the gruesome task with little or no assistance to know where to start.

Bluey’s crime scene cleaning service aims to restore a property to a safe & hygienic condition through sanitary cleaning processes including site containment, removal of hazardous material, sanitising and deodourisation to comply with international standards (O.S.H.A) & Australian Health Regulations.

It may require the disposal of contaminated furnishings, building structures & fixtures. As certified forensic cleaners we will provide you with recommendations & preferred treatment options to assist you making an informed decision concerning contents & building restoration works.

Why risk the health & safety of your family or colleagues, when help is just a phone call away !

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Why choose Bluey’s Crime Scene Cleanup 

Dealing with the aftermath of a serious crime or trauma for most people will be a very personal & private experience where victims often feel compelled to clean up blood & bodily fluids without considering their own health & wellbeing in times of distress.

Knowing that infectious diseases are transmitted primarily by blood & bodily fluid exposure as air bourne contaminates or physical contact, can you be sure that your property has been effectively decontaminated to protect your families health & onus of legal liability as a property owner.

Dealing with blood borne diseases and other potentially infectious material requires professional training & certification, personal protection (PPE), specialised equipment, technical knowledge & a thorough appreciation of the hazards being remediated.

Above all, safety is paramount from the initial site inspection & risk assessment, formulating a decontamination plan & managing the processes to the final act of verifying sanitary & hygienic conditions.

Why risk further property damage or exposure to pathogenic organisms when Bluey’s Cleaning can offer you a rapid response to secure the scene, contain & remove hazards, discrete waste removal and provide professional sanitising & decontamination cleaning that is verifiable to Australian health standards.

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Our Services Include 

Site Assessment & Insurance Reports

Containment & Security Structures

Removal of Contaminated Material

Lawful Disposal of Biological Waste

Air Purification & Odour Control

Contents Recovery or Disposal

Sanitary Wash Down of Internal Structures

Specialised Steam Cleaning Services

Ozone & Hydroxyl Deodourisation

Property Restoration Services & Repairs

Hygiene Certification & Site Clearance

Certified & Experienced Technicians

To ensure the highest standards of service are achieved we are committed to maintaining a high degree of expertise in our field, developing & reviewing decontamination processes in line with industry advancements & technology by ensuring our team are :

  • IICRC Qualified – Regular industry training by the  Institute of Inspection Cleaning & Restoration Certification (IICRC) & endorsement as a ‘Certified Firm’.
  • ABRA Endorsed – Certified Bio-Recovery Technician by the  American Bio-Recovery Association (ABRA) in forensic crime & trauma cleaning,  biohazard restoration, disease & infection control.
  • Property Restorations Skills – Trained & experienced in Health & Safety, Carpet Restoration, Hard Floor Services, Water Damage, Fire & Smoke, Mould Remediation, Clandestine Drug Labs (meth & cannabis), Contents Recovery & Furniture Cleaning.
  • Emergency Service Background – With over 20years in crime scene investigations & relevant police training our team have a unique perspective to crime & trauma incidents ensuring no stone is left unturned during restoration.

Health & Safety Issues

As most interactions of this nature are very traumatic & resulting from a crime or violent incident, we encourage our clients not to enter the scene unless absolutely necessary, not only for possible biohazard contamination but the impacts traumatic scenes may leave upon victims & their families.

The potential for exposure to blood borne diseases or indirectly through the psychological trauma associated with crime scenes is recognised worldwide as a hazardous & potentially life threatening situation.

Appropriate personal protection equipment (PPE), current immunisation & an exposure control plan (Hepatitis), lawful disposal of all clinical waste (blood contaminated items) & training in blood borne pathogens are a minimum requirement to perform crime & trauma scene cleaning involving blood or other potentially infectious material (OPIM) in Australia.

Privacy & Confidentiality

We understand & appreciate that a discrete service is important to our clients & their families, to maintain the privacy of all concerned. All work is carried out under our strict confidentiality code to protect our client’s legal position & psychological impact of traumatic stressors. We also use marked & unmarked service vehicles.

Victim Assistance Program

The support offered by the Government for Victims of Crime is available Nationwide and we can offer you assistance to claim through the Attorney Generals Department where victims may be eligible for financial assistance. Other services are available to support families, through the local police investigators & other welfare organisations.

At the end of the day, you do not have to go through this alone, there is support  in the community & welfare organisations that can assist you. If you would like to talk to somebody about this support please visit the sites listed below.

– Victim Support Organisation

Service Availablity & Associated Cost

Operating 24hrs a day, 7days a week to respond to emergencies, as we fully appreciate tragedies can occur at any time where the need to respond quickly to assist our clients dealing with a traumatic incident is very crucial in the recovery process.

Every property has unique & varying degrees of contamination issues, no two properties are ever the same. It is only the ability and professionalism of a qualified technician to adapt to the requirements to achieve a successful decontamination that is important & commensurate of fees charged. The potential for properties to remain contaminated is highly likely if unsuitable cleaning & sanitizing methods are completed

Insurance providers may cover forensic cleaning dependant on policies in place & other forms of property restoration works, whereby we can offer a complete reporting service to assist you in claiming benefits to quickly restore your property.

Victims of serious crime are also eligible for Government assistance if applicable.

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