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Sewage overflows or grey water expulsion into a property poses a real threat of biological & chemical contamination that often requires an emergency sewage cleanup.  The introduction of microorganisms & other hazardous chemicals contained in our sewage system & drains poses a significant risk to human health & property damage if not contained quickly & treated correctly.

Did you know that even ‘clean’ water from toilets OR drains is heavily contaminated with infectious disease causing pathogens ?

Sewage is untreated water that contains raw animal & human bodily fluids, faecal matter, hazardous chemical waste & other biological contaminants. Where sewage waters are present, pathogens or disease causing agents such as bacteria, viruses, fungal spores & protozoans exist. Exposure can cause illnesses ranging from gastritis to dysentery, infectious hepatitis and severe gastroenteritis.

Restoration not only requires specialized knowledge & equipment but diligent & professional technicians to effectively manage a sewage cleanup. Our training & experience in the field of bio-recovery guarantees our ability to restore your property to a safe & hygienic condition for current & future occupation.

Health Risk

Exposure to biological contaminants such as bacteria, viruses, fungi & parasites contained in effluent waters can cause serious illness or even death. Further hazards are associated with toxic chemicals such as solvents, carcinogenic compounds & dangerous pesticide exposure is  extremely high. The risk of being exposed is not only present on the day of contamination, but if not correctly identified & treated can pose a future hazards for occupants and damage property structures.

Cleanup Issues

Sewage cleanup can be a ‘High-Risk’ task, since dangerous contaminants are an inherent part of sewage, factors including length of exposure time to affected materials, volume of water or effluent entering the property by flooding and secondary contamination to the building structures or contents will determine the extent of restoration services required.

The removal of affected contents & structural materials may be necessary. It is likely, anything touched by sewage will be contaminated ! Items deemed unrecoverable, include carpet & underlay, upholstered furniture, bedding & linen, soft furnishings & toys, skirting & base section of gyprock wall linings (if affected) to name a few. An intense inspection of contents is warranted to identify affected items & structures.

Restoration Goal – Safely contain, collect & restore !

  • Provide a safe working environment compliant with W.H & S Regulations
  • Protect the health & welfare of occupants and workers
  • Protect the indoor & outdoor environment from further contamination
  • Remove effluent waters & residual moisture
  • Neutralise contamination & remove contaminated material

The goal with remediation cleaning is to decontaminate the area of infectious pathogens & safely restore the property to a pre-existing condition.

To achieve this, a brief overview of the restoration process includes,

Commence Remediation ASAP – Decontamination should occur as quickly as possible, extended periods of delay increases microbial growth & property damage. The source of overflow, should be contained by a plumber or Statutory Authority, to stop the flow of effluent.

Relocate Occupants–  Vacated from the primary areas of contamination as a priority, especially the initial cleanup role of disinfection.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)– At least a half face air purifying respirator with HEPA/organic vapour cartridges, nitrile gloves, splash proof goggles, rubber boots, & protective disposable ‘coverall’ suit.

Rapid extraction of bulk water & drying – Comply with IICRC S.500 standards for water damage restoration. Consideration should be given not to introduce inappropriate air movement that may disperse contamination such as fungi spores or dried faecal matter.

Assess Contents – Personal effects & other contents directly contaminated should be removed from the site, which may include items affected by secondary contamination & mould. High value items for restoration should be recorded & taken off site for possible cleaning.

Building Structure Assessment – Semi-porous building materials affected by sewage waste water such as flooring & gyprock are generally removed in the affected areas whilst other fixtures & builtins may require further examination.

Remove Hazardous Material – Organic matter such as raw sewage & silt must be physically removed – often a hands on process, where industrial extraction may be used in conjunction with physical collection. All equipment should be decontaminated after use.

Sanitary Cleaning Process – The application of surfactant detergents & anti-microbial sanitising treatments is the preferred means of cleaning using hot water extraction processes compliant with IICRC standards for restorative cleaning. Several treatments may be necessary dependant on degree of contamination.

Hygiene Clearance – Complete an assessment with ATP monitoring or Hygienist Test.

Lawful Waste Removal & Disposal – All waste to be removed from site & disposed of according to Local & State Regulations – Contact EPA or Local Council for nearest licenced disposal facility.

Bluey’s Sewage Cleanup

Blueys Cleaning Technicians are equipped to provide a total emergency response for the safe removal of effluent waters from sewage overflows & removing raw faeces, complying with EPA & Health Regulations.

In these situations, a quick response to sewage cleanup is paramount, even for properties left unattended, time is the major factor to contain a dangerous environment & initiate safe restoration roles to restore your property to a safe & hygienic condition.

Having the right equipment, training & experience is very important to ensure hazards are contained & safely removed from your home or business. Don’t risk the health of your family or staff, call the professionals at Bluey’s Cleaning today.

Your technicians at Blueys Cleaning Solutions follow industry standards for water damage restoration to ensure that untimely sewage spills or faeces contamination is contained & safely removed to comply with EPA requirements & environmental considerations.

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