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When it comes to ensuring the health & safety of your staff and clients in the work place, being aware of potential hazards & managing identified risk is now considered one of business management’s greatest requirements.

Not all hazardous situations come down to an actual biohazard contamination that may affect your business, consider these issues that may affect the health & productivity of your valued staff & clients attending your workplace:

Carpet Cleaning & Maintenance – daily vacuum will not remove stains that have the potential to cause bacterial odours. Effective steam cleaning services on a regular basis, assist in hygiene & removal of pathogenic organisms from floor surfaces. Dirt & pollens have a tendency to be ‘trapped’ within carpet fibres & can cause allergic reactions in some people, when ineffective cleaning occurs, vacuum cleaners with inadequate or no HEPA filters, the vacuum exhaust releases pollens & odours (contaminants) back into the indoor air space.

Tile & Grout Cleaning – Hard floors may be easily cleaned by mopping with light detergents, but Urine & Faeces in bathrooms may simply be redistributed from one spot to another or spread into other areas, known as secondary contamination. Urine in particular can soak into grout & stain tiles causing a pungent bacterial odour, that can only be cleaned using ‘neutralising’ treatments & effective steam cleaning extraction. If the grout is dirty you can be sure it is contaminated with bacteria

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