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Regular tile and grout cleaning not only assist with aesthetics, but plays an important part in managing indoor air quality, slip resistance & related hygiene issues. Lets face it, no one likes a shabby looking dirty tiled floor, but on hard floors staining & soiling increases the potential for injuries significantly, impacting not only on the corporate image but adversely affecting the productivity & the health of your team.

Whether a domestic or commercial setting, utilising a trained & certified IICRC Hard Floor Technician, for regular maintenance and proper care of all tile & grout areas will ensure your floors remain hygienically clean, safe & looking great for years to come.

Since 2008, Bluey’s Cleaning Solutions clients have benefited from our product knowledge, industry certification & experience to restore, maintain and protect both natural & man made stone products, whilst developing  sustainable maintenance programs where safety & hygiene are paramount.

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The Bluey’s Tile & Grout Cleaning Advantage 

Our tile and grout cleaning systems & methods are by no means new or unique to any one cleaning company. The difference with a company willing to invest in training, quality equipment & managing a structured cleaning process, whilst striving to improve on industry standards is what sets Blueys Cleaning apart from our competitors.

Trained Professionals

Certified to international standards (IICRC) in Tile and Grout cleaning, maintenance & restoration services,  forms the basis of our technical capability & your assurance of a quality service, to comply with Australian standards, AS/NZS-3773:1995.

Advanced Cleaning Equipment & Chemistry

Our team are equipped with industrial Hot Water Extraction machinery, high heat & variable pressure is achieved using both portable & truck mounted units where vacuum extraction removes all waste water from your property.  Combined with a premium surfactant pre-spray detergent for your floor type & using our unique ‘orbital’ agitating scrubbers to effectively remove stains, odours, old sealers & contaminated material

Structured Cleaning Methodology

A structured process is very important for all hard floor cleaning services, as recognised by flooring manufacturers & professional standards within the cleaning industry.  Failure to adapt to a specific flooring type may result in a damage or a poorly finished cleaning process

(1) Pre-Inspection – Identify surface material, damage & client expectations.

(2) Site Safety – Comply with W.H & S requirements.

(3) Surface Preparation – HEPA vacuum & move contents if required.

(4) Appropriate Detergent – The safest way to clean tile or natural stone is using ‘PH’ Neutral detergents, though both low & high PH detergents are used for restorative cleaning. These products are for professional use as a thorough working knowledge & equipment is required for their application & removal. Failure to comply with product requirements may damage your tile or stone and inhibit sealing.

(5) Agitation – The use of a mechanical agitation of cleaning agents into tile & grout surfaces is the preferred means to achieve a thorough cleaning process – we use & recommend orbital scrubbing for effective removal of stains & contaminate held in grout lines & uneven tiled surfaces.

(6) Steam Cleaning – Managing variable high heat & pressure whilst removing waste water is the preferred means of cleaning hard floors. Professional restorers understand the relationship of all processes to this point to ensure all contaminated material & cleaning agents are removed from your floors effectively. We use & recommend truck mounted equipment though portable units are also available when required.

(7) Post Cleaning – In most situations, floors are dry within a short period of time to allow for client inspection & technician assessment if any other services are required.

(8) Surface Protection – A clean & dry surface is the most preferred time to seal tiled areas allowing for a thorough application of sealing finishes after consultation with the client – assessing small areas for product finish.

The Sealing Solution

Sealing is the solution to our common problems associated with maintaining aesthetics, moisture retention, increasing stain resistance & maximising cleaning efforts. Technology available now allows sealers to ‘bond’ rather then just provide a restrictive barrier. Penetrating sealers, adhere to the surface area of the pores and allow the stone to breath, whilst maintaining their functions of stain resistance & surface protection.

Your Bluey’s technician understands the varied issues that customers face when it comes to sealing their stone or tiled flooring, for both internal & external applications, as we aspire to work with our clients to achieve the desired look whilst maintaining the beautiful aspects of their flooring.

Stone flooring, in any form such as sandstone, marble, granite, & travertine is prone to a number of factors & human interaction. As a natural product of our environment it is susceptible to chemical exposure, moisture, weather, traffic conditions & scratching. Using the right sealer is critical to ensure your stone product is protected from the elements for years to come.

Our goal is to restore hard floors & look for effective maintenance solutions increasing stain resistance, protecting tile surfaces from scratches & assisting with cleaning methodology. We can also advise on appropriate cleaning chemicals & practical cleaning techniques to suit individual requirements.

Care & Maintenance Issues

  • Cleaning – All hard floor surfaces require specific maintenance routines relative to the flooring type & protective sealers being used. Traditional cleaning with natural products may damage or ‘etch’  polished surfaces (using acidic vinegar) & ineffective vacuums may leave sand, dirt & other contaminants on the floor that may scratch surfaces.
  • Mopping –   Often leaves behind chemical residue & organic matter, leading to further staining issues and causing secondary contamination.  The importance of ‘Hygiene’ management is critical when cleaning hard floor surfaces, as inappropriate techniques simply spreads contamination by dirty water transfer – check out the base of your wall tiles, notice the discolouration in the grout !
  • Steam Mops –  May have a ‘sanitising’ effect, but has a limited success in breaking down ground in oily residues and on sealed natural stone, high heat can damage the sealer leaving areas ‘patchy’ or creating a white haze, exposing the surface to staining.
  • Grout –  Generally a lime based cement material that is ‘super’ absorbent, holding moisture & other contaminants, such as oily residue from cooking, food & drink spills & often urine in bathrooms. Grout lines are extremely difficult to clean & maintain without the use of specialised cleaning solutions to suit the conditions.
  • Stain Removal – On unsealed tile & natural stone products, food dyes & water saturation can cause permanent staining & damage the integrity of floor glues & grout lines. Other then ceramic tiles most products will absorb acidic dye found in common food & drink items, whilst residue from cleaning detergents cause premature staining & a high risk of slip and fall injuries, heavy moisture retention can also delaminate tiles from concrete slabs.

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