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Professional carpet steam cleaning on the Gold Coast 

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Industry renowned and preferred cleaning method, world wide !

There are many reasons to have your carpets professionally steam cleaned, for most people dirty looking carpets are their main concern, though unsightly and smelly carpets are directly related to ‘sick building syndrome’ where low indoor air quality can affect the health of occupants and adversely productivity within the workplace.

All carpets trap and hold foreign material (dry soil, odours, dust, pollen, air contaminates, etc) where a professional carpet cleaning program not only aids in restoring building hygiene, the effective removal of foreign matter is essential to maintain appearance & life span of all natural & synthetic carpets.

This is why you should consider a professional carpet steam cleaning service at least once a year as recommended by carpet manufacturers worldwide.

With a commitment to providing a premium carpet cleaning service, we believe you will have no doubt that ‘Steam Cleaning’ is the most effective & preferred carpet cleaning process on the market.

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How do we guarantee your complete satisfaction ?

“By offering the ‘Steam Scene Solution’  together with a structured program that goes beyond industry standards to ensure a Clean, Fresh & Healthy environment that satisfies all clients.” 

The Steam Scene Solution – Clean, Fresh & Hygienic Carpets

The minimum requirement all good companies should follow as recommended by Australian standards (AS/NZS-3733:1995)

1. Understanding your expectations & concerns before completing a pre-inspection of your carpet.

2. Pre-Vacuum, using a rotary ‘agitator’ style vacuum with HEPA Certification, to loosen & extract dry material which makes up to 79% of contaminate within the carpet, what we call, ‘clean & capture’.

3. Identify your carpet structure & fibre content, where only an approved ‘Pre-Spray’ detergent for your carpet type is used to emulsify & loosen contaminated material from the carpet fibre.

4. The next step is to ensure the ‘Pre-Spray’ is agitated into the carpet fibres to aid in the soil extraction process. This ensures an even spread of the pre-spray across the carpet & fibre surface. Pre-treating areas of concern such as spots, stains & odours. This is the key to successful cleaning, combined with innovative mechanical agitation of detergents making the difference.

5. Primarily now using ‘Hot Water Extraction’  to complete a deep & hygienic clean of the carpet utilising advanced portable or modern truck mounted equipment to manage heat, water pressure & strong vacuum extraction ensuring no over wetting occurs, whilst promoting quick drying times & maximum soil removal to achieve a sanitary and clean carpet.

6. Once Steam Cleaning is completed, the carpet is assessed & final techniques are used to aid in drying & ‘grooming’ the carpet for presentation.

We use and recommend steam cleaning as our preferred means of restoring your carpets though we also offer  carpet cleaning by encapsulation, especially for commercial applications

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