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Meeting global standards in fast response crime scene cleaning

  •  Thorough risk assessment to prescribe the safest course of action
  •  Certified IICRC practitioner
  •  Certified ABRA bio-recovery technician
  •  Integrated property restoration service
  •  Remove all risk of blood-borne diseases caused by bodily fluids
  •  Proven sanitising and deodorising methods modelled on international standards

It’s been proven that swift clean-up of a tragedy or traumatic crime scene can promote healing and reduce the psychological impact on the victim.

Unfortunately, an innate urge to remove all traces of the event can take over leaving vulnerable occupants exposed to further trauma while risking injury or contamination of blood-borne diseases if they decide to manage the clean-up themselves.

Bluey’s is a Gold Coast-based crime scene forensic cleaner available to respond quickly to emergency callouts 24 hours a day, seven days a week regardless of the nature or severity of the crime scene.

Crime scene restoration observing legal liability of the property owner 

As a property owner, you’re legally bound by insurance and rental authorities to declare that a property has been suitably cleaned after an incident that may pose a health or wellbeing risk to future occupants.

Our qualified technicians hold training currency and a thorough appreciation for remediation of hazards including, communicable diseases, blood and other potentially infectious material (bodily fluids). All staff have knowledge of PPE (personal protection) and are trained in the safe removal of blood and bodily fluids to help property owners meet legal obligations.

Every property or crime scene is different. Our ability, professionalism and unique crime scene experience allows us to act strategically and choose the most effective methods and equipment to remediate existing and potential hazards of the crime scene to help restore and maintain property safely.

Remove immediate and long-term safety risks, call 1800 925 925 today.

Crime scene cleaning services include :

Risk Assessment – By conducting a thorough appreciation of potential hazards and developing a quoted scope of works owners meet legal and insurance obligations in the first instance.

Site Containment – Security structures and make safe building repairs protect your privacy and integrity of the scene, ensuring dangerous hazards are safely contained and discretely removed.

Hazardous Waste – Dangerous hazards are safely contained using approved biohazard remediation methods and lawfully disposed of in accordance with EPA guidelines.

Contents – Professional judgement in determining recovery or disposal, providing itemised records of contents deemed unsalvageable and specialised cleaning or repairs where possible.

Building Works – Removal of contaminated floor coverings, wall linings and glass fragments in the first instance and repairs where possible, whilst providing a fully integrated restoration service for fire and water damaged properties.

Waste Removal – Provide same day secure waste removal of all hazardous and general waste in our unmarked Pantech trucks.

Forensic Cleaning – Sanitary cleaning services of areas affected by biological fluids (blood, vomit, faeces and urine), removal of evidence gathering chemicals & latent fingerprint powder effectively decontaminating surfaces and eliminating vile odours, verified by ATP hygiene test.

Site Clearance Report – Provide a detailed report for insurance and Government assistance for victims of crime, summarising services completed and validating hygiene restoration.

We can’t change what has happened but you can rest assured, we’re here to help sort out a difficult situation when you need us most.

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