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When it comes to making a positive impression whilst creating a safe work environment having an effective facilities management program incorporating commercial floor cleaning is a prerequisite for any business. Having the right people on your side can make the difference in reaching your goals and ensuring your requirements for public safety, hygiene and environmental impact are achieved, utilising trained & dedicated personnel can also reflect a positive corporate image.

Since 2008, managing all facets of maintenance & restorative cleaning has formed a major component of our commercial floor cleaning service. We help our clients develop sustainable cleaning solutions for their specific floor types, desired look and particular site requirements.

Bluey’s Cleaning Solutions embrace advanced cleaning systems & technology for efficiency and quality assurance, though it is our conscientious approach to hygienic cleaning practices & core work values that separate our team as a valued partner in your cleaning & maintenance requirements.

Bluey’s commercial floor cleaning staff are certified hard floor technicians (IICRC), complying with Australian standards for Work, Health & Safety, hygiene management & restorative cleaning.
Why risk the most important aspects of your facilities management program ?

Lets look at how you can utilise our qualified & experienced team to provide an effective cleaning & maintenance service for your property.

Common Floors Maintained & Restored

Commercial Floor Cleaning Solutions

  • Floor Scrubbing & Hot Water Waste Extraction
  • Carpet Steam Cleaning
  • Low Moisture Carpet Cleaning (Encapsulation)
  • Spray Buffing, Stripping & Re-Sealing
  • Water Damage Restoration 24/7 – 365
  • Stain & Odour Removal
  • High Pressure Cleaning

A Clean Scene Makes Sense !

Whether a commercial building, retail, hospitality, medical or sporting facility first impressions can have a lasting impact on a customer’s loyalty for a particular brand or location.

When you think about it, providing a quality service or product is only a small part of your clients’ experience with your business, making them comfortable & relaxed in a clean & hygienic building will go a long way to build customer satisfaction & patronage.

A poorly maintained property by virtue of improper cleaning & programmed maintenance schedules often results in poor air quality that can adversely affect occupant health & productivity of staff, why risk the most important assets of your business, let’s look at how we can make it safe together.

Commercial Floor Care Awareness 

The care & protection of all commercial & resilient floor surfaces is often underestimated by many business owners. These types of floors require regular attention to protect their longevity & appearance, whilst ensuring maintenance practices meet safety & hygiene requirements for the varied challenges of a workplace, public facility or commercial site. Some common issues include :-

Dry Soil Removal – All floor types are subject to dry soiling that should be captured on a daily basis to reduce wear & abrasion damaging protective finishes & embedding in carpet piles.

Biological Hazards – Bodily fluids & other organic matter will contaminate any floor surface during normal activities & if not removed effectively can become hazardous.

Cleaning Methodology – The incorrect application or removal of cleaning detergents can also result in chemical residue staining with the likelihood for slip & fall injuries.

General Cleaning – Traditional methods, such as ‘mop & bucket’ cleaning is known to cross contaminate large areas with limited effectiveness in hygiene management.

Conductive Flooring – On Anti Static ESD Flooring only use products specifically designed to maintain & restore conductive flooring.

Trained Personnel – Staff using industrial floor scrubbing equipment should be well trained & diligent to avoid damaging floor surfaces.

Overall, overcoming the daily grind of maintenance can be achieved by working with your provider to develop a program that suits the conditions of the site, with an emphasis on – removing dry soil & stains quickly, the application of detergents complies with manufactures recommendations and ensuring cleaning residue is efficiently removed to avoid cross contamination & re-soiling.

As a family owned & managed company we have provided our clients with the reassurance & peace of mind that the right people are on the job, totally reliable & conversant with their requirements & expectation

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