Infection Control & Hygiene Management

Stringent infection control to protect the general public

When a number of people gather in a public setting such as a workplace, hospital, or school, strategic and watertight infection control measures are crucial to the wellbeing of the workforce and general public.

Facilities with high foot traffic can be a breeding ground for harmful bacteria. With hygiene an ongoing concern as far as infection control is concerned, excellent standards in cleanliness must be maintained to avoid the spread of illness and invalidate insurance policies.

Choose Bluey’s Cleaning Solutions for excellent standards in infection control services

At Bluey’s Cleaning Solutions, we recommend and implement ongoing infection control management strategies to reduce the spread of infectious diseases and promote the wellbeing of the public.

Our experience in identifying risks and implementing targeted strategies will eliminate the opportunity for infection to spread by breaking down harmful pathogens to reduce exposure through direct touch or through the air.

While infection control is particularly important during outbreaks of viruses such as influenza and gastroenteritis, it’s equally as important to uphold excellent standards in hygiene on an ongoing basis.

Implement infection control in:

  • Public toilets where there is a risk of exposure to human waste, blood and other bodily fluids
  • Medical facilities or hospitals where contagious diseases such as MRSA are treated and exposure through touch or the air can lead to transmission of healthy patients
  • A lab or operating facility that needs to be completely sterile
  • Educational facilities where a communicable disease outbreak occurs
  • Commercial buildings where faeces from rodents, bats, birds and insects are present and can subject humans to pathogenic viruses

Our infection control and emergency biohazard management strategies involve assessment, remediation and monitoring in line with standards achieved by a global benchmark.

You may have to comply with infection control to validate insurance. We provide this service discreetly to protect your reputation and the health of your staff.

Whether it’s for a routine inspection or ongoing infection control, call Bluey’s Cleaning Solutions on 1800 925 925 today.

Maintain your responsibility to the public with excellent standards in infection control. Call 1800 925 925 today

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