Carpet Steam Cleaning Solutions

Recognised as the leading carpet cleaning process, worldwide!

When it comes to choosing the most hygienic form of cleaning for your carpet there is little compromise than the sanitary process of hot water extraction or ‘steam cleaning’ for deep extraction of soil, stain and odour removal to water damage restoration.

Whether a residential or commercial setting, carpet not only provides aesthetic appeal, warmth and comfort but did you know carpet provides ‘filtering’ of airborne contaminates and surface soil retention that helps promote safe and hygienic conditions.

Not only does regular carpet steam cleaning improve the look, feel and durability it remains the most efficient at removing dust, ground-in dirt and harmful bacteria that can affect indoor air quality and lead to allergies and serious illness.

The confidence that comes with professionals

Bluey’s are IICRC certified Carpet Cleaning Technicians fully accredited to international standards, equipped with industry leading machinery, equipment and premium chemicals that has consistently raised the standard in carpet cleaning services since 2008.

At Bluey’s, our comprehensive floor cleaning solutions provide clients with a range of realistic and affordable services to suit the size, purpose and budget.

Our services range from restoring water damaged, contaminated and heavily soiled floors through to regular maintenance following a systematic approach in accordance with IICRC and Australian standards (AS/NZ 3773:1995).

Carpet Steam Cleaning Overview

1. Completing a pre-inspection of your carpet to determine service requirements

2. Pre-Vacuum, using a rotary ‘agitator’ style vacuum with HEPA certification

3. Move furniture in consultation with customer to achieve a thorough cleaning service

4. Identify your carpet structure & fibre content and align with the correct ‘Pre-Spray’ detergent

5. Pre-treating areas of concern such as spots, stains & odours (where possible)

6. Mechanical agitation of ‘pre-spray’ on application into carpet fibre using counter rotating brush or flat scrubber to evenly distribute cleaning detergent.

7. Hot water extraction (steam clean) of suspended soil and detergent using either portable or truck mounted machinery combined with advanced rotary extraction or superior hand wands.

8. Once Steam Cleaning is completed, the carpet is assessed & final techniques are used to aid in drying, carpet protection & presentation.

We use and recommend steam cleaning as our preferred means of restoring your carpets though we also offer  carpet cleaning by encapsulation, especially for commercial applications

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