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The legal and emotional implications of managing an unattended death cleanup can be complicated and traumatic.

Without specifying the exact time of death, it’s impossible to know how much the body has decomposed. Even before the visible signs appear, harmful pathogens can be released into the air through blood or bodily fluid as little as 15 minutes after death posing a severe risk to health of anyone in the vicinity.

Along with the risk to health and potential psychological trauma, there are also legal and insurance obligations a building owner must comply with to make the property safe for future occupants.

On-call unattended death remediation, Gold Coast and surrounds

Bluey’s provides an on-call remediation and restoration service in the event of an unattended death on the Gold Coast and surrounds.

If you’re not sure how or when the victim passed away, the body is likely to have already started to decompose contaminating the immediate location including surfaces, fixtures and fittings, internal structures and perhaps most significantly, the air.

Wearing full personal protective equipment (PPE) equipment, our initial assessment will prescribe the most effective treatment solution to remediate all biohazards in line with IICRC and ABRA bio-recovery standards.

Aftercare service

Not only do we fully decontaminate the area, but we also provide post-testing certification to comply with legal, rental and insurance obligations defining the treatments used to remediate hazards relating to decomposition fluids, bodily tissue and extreme odours.

To avoid risking health by touching or inhaling contaminants, we recommend you don’t enter the scene until we’ve provided a professional assessment.

Why choose Bluey’s Cleaning Solutions? ·

  • On-call 24 hours a day, seven days a week
  • Reduce the risk of potential psychological trauma
  • Deodorisation using ozone, hydroxyl and fogging
  • Removal of affected building structures and fixtures
  • Full property restoration service
  • Apply a legal context based on 25 years’ experience as a crime scene investigator
  • Compassionate service

In the event of an unattended death, Gold Coast residents can find themselves unsure of which way to turn. For advice regarding an unattended death on the Gold Coast, contact Bluey’s on 1800 925 925 anytime of the day or night.

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