Squatter Cleanup & Waste Removal

Remove visible and invisible traces of squatters

Squatting takes many forms from unruly tenants who haven’t paid their rent to homeless occupants of empty buildings looking for warmth and shelter.

Squatting naturally goes hand in hand with unsociable behavior and squatting environments are likely to be littered with potential hazards such as drug paraphernalia, vandalism, cigarette ends and excrement.

Not only are squats inconvenient for the property owner, they can also lead to potential contamination from biohazards caused by blood, saliva, bodily fluids, vomit and excrement. It’s the responsibility of the property owner to dispose of contaminants carefully and mitigate risks to the general public and neighbouring properties.

As a property owner, it’s your moral and legal obligation to:

  • Make sure your property is maintained well at all times
  • Protect the immediate and surrounding environment
  • Promptly remediate biohazards that can cause illness or death
  • Protect surrounding properties from long-term damage.

Specialised squatter cleaning services

Bluey’s Cleaning Solutions provides a professional biohazard cleaning service to help property owners clean up after squatters.

We utilise the most advanced bio cleaning techniques and equipment to restore your property to a habitable condition or prepare it to achieve maximum value at sale.

Why choose Bluey’s for squatter cleaning? 

  • Secure disposal of waste in line with regulations to avoid risk of contaminating the public
  • Correct use of protective clothing (PPE)
  • Verifiable hygiene testing and details provided in a written report for insurance and to fulfil legal obligations as a property owner
  • Avoid the illegal practice of abandoning waste
  • Rapid response – 24/7 emergency service
  • Integrated biohazard cleaning to remove all traces of squatters

To fulfil your obligations as a property owner and safely dispose of all traces of squatters to restore a building to a hygienic state, contact Bluey’s Cleaning Solutions today.

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