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When it comes to choosing the most hygienic form of tile and grout cleaning on the Gold Coast, there’s little compromise than the sanitary process of hot water extraction or ‘steam cleaning’ for deep extraction of soil, stain and odour removal to water damage restoration.

Bluey’s specialise in building hygiene, we know regular tile and grout steam cleaning not only improves the indoor environment for occupants, but also removes harmful cleaning chemical residues, ground-in dirt, mould and bacteria that can lead to poor air quality, allergies, injuries and serious illness.

Therefore, it makes sense to choose Bluey’s here on the Gold Coast, a company that adheres to industry standards & promotes the most effective form of hard surface cleaning on the market, whilst providing a comprehensive range of restoration services to help maintain the durability of your floors.

With one phone call to Bluey’s today on 1800 925 925 you’ll be on the right path for a clean and hygienic home or office once again.

The confidence of professional assistance when you need it

We’re a team of IICRC accredited technicians, adhering to the highest standards for our industry in service, accountability and knowledge, equipped with industry leading machinery, specialised equipment & premium chemicals that has consistently raised the standard of tile cleaning since 2008.

Our services range from restoring contaminated, damaged and heavily soiled floors through to regular maintenance duties, including –

  • Hot water extraction (truck mounted or portable steam cleaning)
  • Steam cleaning bathroom and shower facilities
  • Degreasing kitchen areas (commercial and residential)
  • Decontamination of blood, urine, faeces & sewage
  • Stripping and re-sealing of natural stone finishes
  • Water, fire and mould restoration
  • Floor removal, dust control and surface grinding

The step by step guide to a premium floor cleaning service

When you’re ready to take the next step, Bluey’s Cleaning Solutions are good to go with a structured cleaning process that covers all bases, including –

  • Preliminary Assessment – By determining the condition of your floor and materials used, we’ll be in a better position to advise you on services required to reach your desired outcome.
  • Surface Preparation – Upon assessing your floors for missing grout, loose and damaged tiles that may impede the process, the next step is to HEPA vacuum dry particulate and move furniture where necessary to the facilitate steam cleaning process.
  • Detergent Selection – Primarily we use ‘pH’ neutral detergents, though both acidic and alkaline detergents are used in restoration. Applied under low pressure and high heat detergents emulsify soiling ready for extraction after a suitable dwell time and agitation
  • Agitation – Mechanical agitation of detergent is our preferred means to effectively remove grout soiling and surface stains prior to extraction.
  • Hot Water Extraction – Recognised as the leading method to hygienically clean all flooring types, technicians safely manage high water pressure and heat combined with hydro vacuum extraction to effectively remove stains and other ‘soiling’ leaving floors hygienically clean, safe and dry.
  • Sealing Natural Stone or Grout – Sealing occurs primarily at the completion of cleaning to ensure treatments adhere to and bond with substrate material creating a durable finish and in the case of stripping original finishes, thoroughly removes old sealers ready for a new look.

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