Fire Restoration and Smoke Clean-up

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A fire of any size can be a traumatic event for the occupants of a home or business.

While the potential to destroy buildings is an obvious concern, the impact of extinguishing even the smallest of fires can cause ongoing problems for occupants.

Firefighters make every effort to extinguish flames quickly and with as little impact on the building as possible. As far as the clean-up is concerned, however, it’s not over once the fire is out.

Leftover chemical residue from smoke and fire extinguishers combined with potential water damage means that once a fire is extinguished, a professional restoration is required to guarantee the safety of all occupants and residents.

Secondary problems associated with fire damage:

  • Emotional trauma
  • Water damage
  • Chemical residue from smoke and water

To reduce the trauma for the occupants after a fire in your home or business, Bluey’s Cleaning Solutions will manage the clean-up from start to finish.

Our technicians are professionally equipped to restore your property back to a hygienic level. Using specialised equipment and the most advanced methods, we remove obvious signs of smoke odour and chemical residue as well as all traces of contamination that may be buried deep within the building’s structure and contents.

What causes chemical residue?

Toxic chemical residue is produced by a harmful concoction of fire, the carbon content of smoke, and materials used in furniture, fixtures and fittings. This potentially lethal residue must be completely decontaminated before a property is habitable, not only to maintain the property in peak condition, but also to avoid potential health issues.

Effective cleaning techniques must be adopted after even the smallest fire for air filtration and to thoroughly decontaminate the scene from the dry foam and powder used to extinguish flames.

Bluey’s technicians are fire restoration professionals. With a comprehensive understanding of residual chemicals and how they react to common household items, we work to restore the property as quickly and safely as possible.

Why choose Bluey’s for fire restoration and smoke clean-up?

  • Professional, efficient and compassionate service
  • Provide information for insurance assessors where necessary
  • High level of knowledge of contaminants left behind by fire and advanced methods of de-contamination
  • Over ten years’ experience restoring properties from fire and smoke damage

A fire in a home or building can be a particularly traumatic event. To find out how Bluey’s Cleaning Solutions can restore your property to its pre-fire condition, call 1800 925 925 today.

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