Fire Restoration & Smoke Damage Cleanup

The effects of a fire in your home or business can be devastating. Occupants face issues of not only water damage from the efforts of the Fire Brigade to control the fire but the chemical residues in the smoke & subsequent damage to the property also have a very traumatic effect on people. Blueys Cleaning Solutions are equipped & trained to restore your property to a hygienic level whereby our specialized restoration service quickly bring smoke odour & residue under control in building structures & contents.

Toxic chemical residues are often produced by heat & fire from our furniture, cupboards & floor coverings. Together with the carbon content of smoke this mixture can be dangerous & linger until correctly decontaminated. Your team at Blueys Cleaning Solutions understands these issues that have the potential to harm your family, business operations, staff & clients.

Where a small incident occurs & extinguishers are effectively deployed the contents of the fire extinguisher may also require specialized decontamination & containment as dry foam/powder type extinguishers may cause secondary exposure to occupants requiring effective cleaning techniques & air filtration to remediate the scene.

Technicians at Blueys Cleaning are fire restoration professionals, our goal is to return your property to pre-incident condition as quickly as possible. Working with you to prepare reports for insurance & assessing contents that are recoverable. We are here to help you as we appreciate the turmoil that this type of situation brings, where we aim to respond quickly & provide effective remedies to restore your property.

As a family owned & managed company we have provided our clients with the reassurance & peace of mind that the right people are on the job, totally reliable & conversant with their requirements & expectations

Fire Restoration Service

The importance of working smoke alarms can be seen here by the level of damage sustained to the small unit.

Smoke Damage Cleanup

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