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Mould remediation to keep your family safe

Mould is a common household problem caused by excess moisture in the building. This moisture can arise from many areas including leaking pipes, unsealed window or door frames or rising damp in the brickwork.

Not only is mould an indicator of more severe structural problems, but it also produces harmful pathogens which can cause allergic reactions such as sneezing or a rash. As well as leaving an unsightly stain, mould can also lead to breathing difficulties which can prove fatal for those with existing conditions such as asthma.

Mould can damage a property and possessions and pose a serious health risk. Restoration of a property requires specialised knowledge and access to advanced equipment and PPE for safe and effective removal.

Your health is our priority!

Removing mould involves more than just scrubbing it away. Our integrated mould cleaning and restoration service begins with a thorough assessment to identify the source of the contamination and provide a comprehensive risk assessment.

When you choose Blueys for mould cleaning and restoration, you’re choosing a team of experienced technicians. Our advanced training and equipment allow us to remove mould effectively and safely to contain and control dangerous mould patches while identifying any structural issues for repair to avoid recontamination.

We manage each stage of remediation to achieve a successful decontamination result and restore the property to a safe and hygienic condition for existing and future occupiers

All mould restoration is carried out in line with recognised industry practice as documented within the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC).
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Safe and sound mould remediation services, call 1800 925 925 today

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