Workplace Accident Cleanup & Industrial Safety

Protect your business with watertight workplace health and safety protocol 

Workplace health and safety is an emerging topic in Australia.

While laws vary from state to state, proposed legislation states that employer negligence which leads to a death in the workplace can now be punishable by law with the maximum penalty for workplace manslaughter 20 years in jail.

In an age where critical legal and moral obligations are designed to protect employees and the public from further harm, it’s now more important than ever to remain vigilant about potential hazards that will stop a business from delivering their promise of a safe workplace.

Workplace health and safety experts

At Bluey’s, we offer emergency bio cleans following the death or injury of a person caused by machinery, equipment or plant failure.

We provide a rapid response workplace accident service that swiftly and efficiently secures the site, contains hazards and sanitises and restores hygiene.

Experienced in emergency service protocols and investigation requirements, the team at Bluey’s has an extensive understanding of harm minimisation strategies to safely secure and restore a site from potential secondary exposure of infectious pathogens.

Our team follows strict workplace health and safety guidelines, including Lockout and Tagout (LOTO) procedures, while maintaining personal safety and protecting others from potential exposure to biological material.

Avoid secondary trauma of employees and public

The impact of a workplace incident doesn’t always end with the primary victim.

Secondary complaints can arise when exposure to blood, bodily fluids or the scene itself may cause trauma. Workplace law states that every effort must be made to protect workers and the public from trauma caused by psychological exposure to the scene which means immediate biohazard remediation by a trained professional.

Bluey’s Cleaning Solutions has advanced knowledge of workplace law and adopts the most effective cleaning techniques to protect the integrity of the building and the health of employees and the public.

Why choose Bluey’s ?

  • Knowledge and understanding of Lock Out and Tag Out – ‘LOTO’ to avoid further workplace accident or injury caused by hazardous energy
  • Protect your business from the risk of workplace injury by failing to clean up properly after an incident
  • Intricate knowledge of police and work cover investigations to make sure clean up complies
  • The erection of containment barriers and isolation tents where required
  • Complete ATP hygiene swab testing to ensure removal of contaminant
  • Remove items or other clinical waste affected by biological material
  • Reporting to the client services completed and subsequent site clearance to fulfil legal obligations
  • Fully equipped and self-contained service vehicles ready to provide an emergency response regardless of where the site is located or the nature of the incident.

The team at Bluey’s Cleaning Solutions has investigated numerous industrial accidents over 25 years in emergency services. Our knowledge extends beyond cleaning and remediation to logically thinking outside the square to manage our response to your workplace incident.

To ensure your company complies with Australian workplace risk management requirements, include Bluey’s Cleaning Solutions details in your workplace health and safety guidelines or contact your local representative for a site assessment on 1800 925 925.

Swift and efficient Industrial or workplace accident cleaning

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