Sewage Cleanup & Restoration Services

Emergency sewage clean-up any time of night or day 

Sewage spills not only cause a foul smell, but they also pose a severe health risk to occupants and the potential property damage if not remediated quickly.

The sewage system is overrun with microorganisms. Millions of bacteria are present throughout the drainage system, and even clean toilet water is filled with bacteria and should not be touched.

When complex sewerage systems overflow through drains, pipes or toilets, it’s vital to avoid transmission of bacteria that can cause serious illness or even death. Bluey’s Cleaning Solutions provides sewage clean-up services to treat waste effectively and efficiently without risking property and human health.

Sewage contains animal and human bodily waste such as excrement, urine, saliva and blood which are loaded with pathogens and bacteria that can cause a range of serious illnesses such as:

  • Gastritis
  • Dysentery
  • Hepatitis
  • Gastroenteritis

Secondary contamination of sewage 

Unfortunately, cleaning sewer spills isn’t as easy as simply removing the waste. Waste disposal must follow industry recommendations in bio cleaning protocol, which includes chemically treating substances to break them down safely and clear the environment of contamination.

Because of the broad range of pathogens that may be exposed during a sewage spill, anything touched by waste is likely to be classed as contaminated including carpet, walls and furniture. We sterilise the area where we can and recommend guidelines for the safe removal of everything else to restore a property to its original condition.

Sewage Clean-up Overview 

Commence Remediation ASAP – Sewage cleaning should be addressed without delay to avoid the risk of illness and long-term property damage.

Repair Damage Stop the flow waste using a plumber or water official

Relocate Occupants–  Vacate residents from the primary areas of contamination as a priority

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)– Any one going into a sewage affected property should only do so wearing PPE to avoid the risk of contamination.

Rapid extraction of bulk water & drying – Comply with IICRC S.500 standards for water damage restoration.

Assessment on Contents – Advise owners of recovery options, including the categorising of contents for insurance claims, potential for mould and appropriate de-contamination services required (off-site if necessary)

Building Structure Assessment – Identify if sewage or waste water intrusion has affected walls and flooring.

Remove Hazardous Material – Organic matter such as raw sewage & silt must be physically removed – often a hands on process, where industrial extraction may be used in conjunction with physical collection.

Sanitary Cleaning Process – Follow IICRC international standards to sanitise the area and restore the property to its original pre-loss condition

Hygiene Clearance – Complete a hygiene test and provide reports to the property owner for insurance and recording purposes

Lawful Waste Removal  – All waste to be removed from site and disposed of according to Local & State Regulations.

Fast attention to a sewage clean-up is essential to avoid health risks and damage to the property now and into the future.

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