Deceased Estate Clean Up & Property Services

Losing a loved one is hard – whether it is a spouse, a parent, or a friend. There are many details to sort out when a loved one passes. One of the hardest is the deceased’s estate cleaning—the last thing you want to do when you are grieving. For many people, sorting through a loved one’s possessions often triggers memories that make the task very difficult.

You don’t have to do the estate cleaning alone. In fact, it often helps to have someone by your side—someone who didn’t know your loved one and can support you while doing the work that needs to be done. Since 2008 Kathi & Mick, has helped families with their estate cleaning requirements, providing a professional & discrete service in a caring & compassionate manner.

Bluey’s Cleaning Solutions will make the deceased estate clean up easier for you. We provide a comprehensive service of cleaning and sorting, effectively taking the trauma out of the cleanup role. We can pack up the entire estate, or help you sort through everything to decide what needs to go where. And after that is done, we can completely clean the home.

We have built a reputation as a trusted cleaning company with great customer service, two hallmarks of our family owned & operated business.

Why choose Bluey’s as your deceased estate cleaning service?

  • Fully integrated estate cleaning and maintenance service
  • Prepare the property to maximise market value
  • Contents sorting, recording and pack-up
  • Unwanted furniture and belongings removed or donated
  • Discrete same day waste removal service
  • Forensic Cleaning in the case of unattended deaths
  • Certified property restorers in line with global standards (IICRC)
  • Compassionate service treating the possessions and home of your loved one with respect

We will work with you to provide the right level of service for your needs—we will do as little or as much as you wish.

If you need compassionate help with your deceased’s estate clean up, call Bluey’s Cleaning today for your no obligation consultation – Phone 1800 925 925 and speak to Kathi.

Helping you through a difficult time with compassion and care

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