Squalor, Waste & Hoarders Cleanup

Hoarder clean-up; the first step to recovery 

Hoarding is a compulsive medical condition that can lead to a decline in emotional, physical and financial health.

When a property is used as a setting for hoarding, severe contamination can arise from mould, dust, bacteria and faeces, all of which can drastically affect health and cause emotional trauma.

It can be overwhelming for a hoarder to take the first step in clearing their property. Removal of rubbish in a safe, convenient and effective manner is often the first step in helping a hoarder manage their condition and improve both their physical and mental health.

A hoarder’s property must be assessed like any other biohazard to make sure that waste is removed safely and efficiently without causing damage or health risks to anyone else’s property.

Restore functionality within the home

Hoarders and their families often find it hard to see under the surface rubbish, which can lead to victims living in squalor and self-neglect, but there is a solution. When you choose Bluey’s Cleaning Solutions, the home can be restored to its original condition with all biohazards removed.

” We’ll help you through a difficult time with dignity and respect, not judgement. “

Why choose Bluey’s for squalor and hoarder cleaning?

  • Independently owned & operated family business
  • Qualified & experienced forensic cleaners safely assess, manage & perform work
  • Safe removal and lawful disposal of hazardous waste
  • Secure general waste disposal & re-cycling service using large un-marked pantech vans
  • Unique sanitary cleaning, using industrial steam cleaning methods, HEPA air purification & deodorising technology
  • Providing a total estate cleaning & maintenance service
  • Clearance reports for medical & home care assistance

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