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Do you need a trauma scene cleaner ?

Trauma scene cleaning is the specialised profession of restoring a scene and removing all hazards after a traumatic or criminal event in the home or office.

Perhaps a crime has occurred and blood or other bodily fluids have been left at the scene.

Maybe an occupant or resident has experienced an accident or injury on your property.

Or, perhaps infectious waste needs to be cleared from a deceased estate or a hoarder’s property.

While traumatic events can be distressing enough to victims and their families, when environmental contamination at a property is a risk, the threat must be professionally managed quickly and efficiently to avoid illness, injury and psychological distress to existing occupants.

Trauma Scene Cleaning Specialist

With over ten years’ experience in trauma cleaning services and 25 years’ experience as a manager of crime scene investigations you can rest assured that the right people are on the job, taking care of all facets of your property restoration in a  caring and dignified manner. 

Trauma Scene Cleaning Gold Coast

What do you do if you need a trauma scene cleaner?

As most trauma scenes result from a crime or violent incident, we encourage you not to enter the scene for the following reasons:

  • Risk of possible biohazard contamination to yourself and other occupants
  • Risk of interfering with the criminal investigation
  • Reduce the psychological impact of trauma on victims and families

Instead, call Bluey’s on 1800 925 925 today.

Our trauma scene cleaners are skilled, compassionate and dedicated to managing an integrated range of trauma cleaning services from initial assessment right through to recognised recommendations and restoration of the property.

With safety protocol integral to our operations, all trauma scene cleaning processes are in line with industry advancements and technology to deliver the most hygienic trauma clean the first time.

We are certified bio-recovery technicians with qualified experience in forensic crime and trauma cleaning, biohazards, sewage reduction, disease management and infection control.

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