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Safely containing hazards whilst restoring hygienic conditions 

A biohazard cleaning service involves the safe assessment, containment and decontamination of biological hazards, primarily pathogenic disease causing organisms or toxic substances found within blood, bodily fluids and other potentially infectious material that may exist in affected properties.

What is a biological hazard ?

Biohazards are biological substances that can cause disease, illness, infection and even death. Biological hazards affect the health of living organisms, primarily the health & safety of people may be severely impacted by exposure to a biological source. 

Exposure to biological hazards may occur through direct contact, inhalation, ingestion or secondary contamination through environmental conditions.

Most commonly, biohazard cleaning is needed in the aftermath of a trauma, a violent crime, an industrial accident, disease outbreak, the discovery of an unattended death, toxic chemical hazards or the result of a natural disaster.

Exceeding expectations in biohazard cleaning services since 2008

Biohazard cleaners or Bio Recovery technicians are required under international standards to be trained & certified (IICRC & ABRA) to comply with Australian Health Regulations, insurance & industry guidelines.

Bluey’s Cleaning certified bio-recovery technicians follow industry guidelines and scientifically proven methods to achieve a safe property decontamination, ensuring all hazards are remediated to global standards and property hygiene is restored.

One call and our bio team will promptly attend, assess & safely manage all aspects to restore your property, removing & disposing of hazardous substances in accordance with Australian Health & EPA Regulations.

You are at risk of a biohazard contamination for instance if, 

  • Your property was the scene of crime where blood and other potential contaminants were left behind
  • An unattended death or violent crime occurred at your property
  • Your property has been occupied by a hoarder, living in squalor where rodent infestations have occurred
  • Squatters may have exposed your property to drug paraphernalia or human waste including faeces or blood
  • An overflowing sewage system has contaminated your property with human waste
  • Mould growth has contaminated internal structures following water damage or sewage overflows
  • Rodent infestations, decaying animal waste or bird faeces can expose occupants to zoonotic diseases

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Reduce your legal liability and contact the professionals

The owner of the premises is legally responsible for the overall cleanup of a biohazard incident and to ensure the welfare of occupants that may be exposed. This duty of care also extends to employers where hazards have the potential to affect the public or cause actual exposure.

Left untreated or unreported, bodily fluids such as blood, urine, vomit and faeces become air borne contaminates and residue will often seep into porous materials or areas not easily identifiable to the untrained eye (crevices & flooring, etc) increasing the risk of exposure and restoration cost.

In any form, biohazards pose a real life threat to the personal safety of people and property. From loss of productivity by staff affected by poor indoor air quality to actual exposure and infection incidents the risk to human health can not be underestimated or taken lightly.

World health organisations now recognise that left untreated by qualified technicians the possibility of exposure increases exponentially affecting more people as a result of improper decontamination.

24hr Emergency Response

Biohazard situations don’t always follow our daily routines & often occur at irregular hours of the day or night. That is why Blueys Cleaning Solutions are available 24hrs a day, 365 days a year.

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