Unattended Death Cleanup

The unattended death of a person presents one of the most difficult of all bio-recovery roles anyone can complete. Not only as a hazardous scene of biological contamination, the experience can be very traumatic and dangerous. Relatives who attempt the daunting task of deceased estate cleaning run the risk also of exposure to pathogenic organisms and psychological trauma of completing the cleanup.

Engaging Bluey’s certified bio-recovery technicians to complete the unattended death cleanup is the most appropriate and wise choice in the removal of decomposition fluids, bodily tissue and remediating extreme odours.

You can rely on Bluey’s Cleaning Solutions to:  

  • Emergency call out 24/7 – 365 days a year
  • Site evaluations and scope of works for insurance
  • Contain, safely remove and disposal of hazardous clinical waste
  • Secure the site from public interaction and possible exposure
  • Odour neutralisation by ozone, hydroxyl and fumigation
  • Removal of affected building structures and fixtures
  • Sanitary wash down of internal structures (forensic clean)
  • Contents sorting, cleaning and pack up
  • Secure same day waste disposal in unmarked vehicles
  • Certification of duties performed and site clearance reports

Meeting legal and insurance obligations for owners

An unattended death within a property can lead to extensive property repairs and pose a significant biological hazard for current and future residents if not remediated correctly. Even a short period of decomposition may lead to the biological contamination of contents and internal structures.

Left in the hands of inappropriate contractors with limited understanding of biohazard remediation, the effects may be lasting & dangerous for future residents. 

To ensure a complete and thorough service we offer post testing certification of all sites using ATP (adenosine triphosphate) swabbing as used in medical facilities to ensure safe and hygienic conditions are restored, together with comprehensive documentation and insurance reports to protect your legal interests and duty of disclosure under Australian Laws.

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