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Flotex flocked floor coverings in a commercial environment has allowed property owners to benefit from the durable characteristics of this hard wearing & hygienic floor type, whilst protecting the appearance & longevity of this unique resilient like floor covering for many years now.

As a product that is impermeable to moisture, with an integral built in antimicrobial sanitizer to protect against mould, rot & odours, an extremely dense pile of nylon fibres (80 million/m2), high slip resistance & stable dyes, making sure that all maintenance & restorative cleaning is conducted in accordance with the manufactures guidelines is highly recommended to protect your investment & ensure product longevity.

All commercial floor cleaning, especially a quality product such as Flotex is subject to extreme conditions where an effective cleaning program is very important from daily dry particulate removal, quick stain removal & periodic restorative washing. In a perfect world, this would be great but in reality staining can occur even with Flotex products, often the result of improper cleaning techniques & maintenance issues.

Having said that, Bluey’s offer Flotex floor cleaning solutions as a specialized area of our carpet cleaning & restoration services from the Gold Coast to Brisbane.  With technical & product support from suppliers, using only approved detergent & rinsing solutions with recommended carpet extraction equipment our team will ensure your Flotex floor cleaning program is restored & managed for you to enjoy this amazing product for years to come.

Professional & competent Flotex floor cleaning on the Gold Coast to Brisbane by IICRC trained technicians. Bluey’s commercial floor cleaning, the right choice.

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