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Hoarding is a recognised medical condition that not only impacts an individual’s health & wellbeing, but adversely affects other family members, community safety & public resources. Living in squalor, the result of severe hoarding has far reaching implications also in respect to public health, protecting neighbouring properties & the environment. A professional hoarders cleanup service can provide that initial step in recovery, whilst restoring functionality & safety within the home.  

Often, hoarding tendencies can lead to living in conditions of squalor or self neglect, where exposure to biological contamination or physical injuries can potentially be life threatening. Rodent infestations, vile odours & bacterial hazards occur from the breakdown of animal or organic household waste, creating a hazardous indoor environment, unsightly & potentially an extreme fire hazard for the property & neighbouring homes. 

Since 2008, our hoarders cleanup service has supported community welfare groups and health agencies during crisis intervention, whilst achieving sustainable outcomes for families to restore hygienic living conditions. 

The welfare of our clients remains our priority, ensuring we understand and appreciate their requirements without making judgement on their current position. Being honest and sincere goes a long way to allaying fears they may hold when providing solutions to their cleanup needs. 

We aim to restore safety and functionality within the home that is mutually acceptable to help our clients move forward and regaining control of their situation. In severe cases our role is to safely remove biological hazards including human & animal excrement or remains, complete forensic cleaning & deodorisation whilst using our professional judgement towards the recovery or disposal of contents.  

” When your ready, we’re here to help you sort out the clutter & regain control of what matters most to you. “

Why choose Bluey’s for squalor & hoarders cleaning ?

  • Independently owned & operated family business
  • Qualified & experienced forensic cleaners safely assess, manage & perform all scope of works
  • Safe removal & lawful disposal of medical & hazardous clinical waste
  • Secure general waste disposal & re-cycling service using large un-marked pantech vans
  • Unique sanitary cleaning process using industrial steam cleaning equipment & deodorisation technology
  • Providing a total estate cleaning & maintenance service
  • Contents sorting, recording, pack-up & cleaning if required
  • Clearance reports for medical & home care assistance

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