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When it comes to cleaning up blood and bodily fluids these days, not many people are aware that you require special training and certification to meet legal and insurance obligations in Australia to do so.

Not to mention, a duty of disclosure is now binding on landlords, property managers and estates to declare matters that may impact on the condition of a property being offered for sale or rent.

A biohazard cleaning service provides the solution to meeting these obligations when dealing with blood and other bodily fluids, as well as airborne pathogens that pose a risk to human health. A biohazard restoration may take the form of decontamination and property sanitising to target microorganisms such as bacteria, virus and protozoa that cause disease or severe illness in humans and animals.

Can you really afford to undertake a biohazard cleanup yourself or use unqualified contractors for the task at hand?

Understanding the risk of exposure 

No matter the cause or classification as a bio scene, crime or trauma scene, or unattended death, we are not just talking about blood clean up. These scenes are prone to infectious biohazards and are dangerous. Blood, bodily fluids, and other types of bodily matter must be handled by trained professionals to ensure they are properly – and safely – cleaned.

The risk of exposure to biological hazards may occur by direct contact, inhalation of air borne contaminates, ingestion following inappropriate handling of hazardous material, or secondary exposure via environmental factors where ineffective cleaning has taken place.

Biohazard cleanup solutions Brisbane residents rely on

Most commonly, a biohazard cleanup is needed in the aftermath of a traumatic incident, whether a violent crime, an accident, or the discovery of an unattended death. A bio clean requires meticulous attention to detail by trained and certified professionals, following industry standards to restore verifiable hygienic conditions within a property whilst ensuring the safety of all involved.

For more than ten years, Bluey’s Forensic Cleaning Technicians have performed biohazard remediation with compassion, care and the highest ethical standards exceeding industry requirements in quality assurance, workmanship and safety compliance.

Industry certification to the highest standards by the IICRC, ABRA and RIA, in bio-recovery services, property restorations and together with over two decades of police investigation experience and training, Bluey’s technicians are at the forefront of forensic cleaning services within Australia to help you through a difficult time when you need it most.

Why Brisbane residents choose Bluey’s Cleaning 

·      Emergency callout available, qualified technicians on call 24/7
·      Discreet service, 100% security and confidentiality assured
·      Proven sanitising and deodorising methods modelled on international standards
·      Environmentally responsible and workplace health and safety compliant
·      Correct use of personal protective equipment (PPE) at all times
·      Genuine, caring service focused on meeting the emotional needs of victims of crime

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