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Biohazard cleanup – safety first for Sydney property owners

A biohazard can exist at any scene where a traumatic incident, violent crime or unattended death has occurred.

Typically, biohazards are present in blood, bodily fluids, sewage, mould, saliva drug paraphernalia, and vomit. Risk of exposure to dangerous micro bacteria can occur in many ways but primarily through touch, ingestion and inhalation.

While cleaning the area may help on the surface, with many harmful particles invisible to the naked eye, it’s vital that scenes are professionally cleaned by trained specialists following recommended protocol in biohazard cleaning.

Bluey’s Cleaning Solutions for a property restoration you can trust 

Bluey’s Cleaning Solutions is a biohazard remediation specialist servicing Sydney and surrounds. Whether your home, office or industrial building has been the scene of a violent crime, unattended death or any other traumatic incident, our biohazard clean-up service will remove all health risks and restore your Sydney property to a safe and habitable condition.

Certified biohazard cleaning specialists

To protect occupants of and visitors to the Sydney property, Bluey’s is industry certified to the highest standards by the IICRC, ABRA and RIA, in bio-recovery services and property restorations.

Combined with over two decades of NSW Police investigation experience and training, Bluey’s technicians are at the forefront of forensic cleaning services within Australia to help Sydney property owners meet legal and social obligations during a potentially traumatic time.

Why choose Bluey’s for biohazard clean up Sydney?

  • 20 years’ experience as a crime scene investigator providing firsthand knowledge of complex legal and insurance requirements
  • Safe disposal of hazardous waste and debris
  • Industry certification to the highest standards by the IICRC, ABRA and RIA in bio-recovery services
  • Local Sydney knowledge

If you’re faced with a property clean-up potentially containing biohazard waste or materials, avoid entering the scene and contact us without further delay. Call 1800 925 925 today.


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