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In the event of a traumatic incident, violent crime, accident or unattended death, the safe clean-up of the scene must be of the highest priority.

While harmful pathogens and bacteria present in blood and other bodily fluids pose a risk to human health, much of the risk is passed through airborne particles completely invisible to the naked eye.

It can be tempting to clean a traumatic scene yourself to remove all traces of the incident, but the removal of biohazards requires specific training and certification to meet legal and insurance obligations in Australia.

Tweed Head’s region, number one biohazard cleaning service

A duty of disclosure is now binding on landlords, property managers and estates to declare matters that may impact the condition of a property put up for sale or rent.

Bluey’s Cleaning Solutions provides a comprehensive biohazard cleaning and remediation service to restore a property to a safe and habitable condition to meet obligations and relieve distress.

A biohazard restoration may involve decontamination and property sanitising or waste and rubbish removal to target microorganisms that cause disease or severe illness.

Understanding the risk of exposure

The risk of exposure to biological hazards may occur in the following ways

  • Direct contact
  • Inhalation of airborne contaminates
  • Ingestion following inappropriate handling of hazardous material
  • Secondary exposure through environmental factors where ineffective cleaning has taken place.

Bluey’s forensic cleaning technicians have performed biohazard remediation across Northern NSW for more than ten years with compassion, care and the highest ethical standards.

Our service continually exceeds industry requirements in quality assurance, craft and safety compliance.

With over two decades of police investigation experience and training, Bluey’s technicians are at the forefront of forensic cleaning services within Australia to help you through a difficult time when you need it most.

Why Tweed residents choose Bluey’s Cleaning Solutions 

  • Emergency callout available, qualified technicians on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week
  • Industry certified in line with IICRS, ABRA and RIA standards
  • Discreet service, 100% security and confidentiality assured
  • Proven sanitising and deodorising methods modelled on international standards
  • Environmentally responsible and workplace health and safety compliant
  • Correct use of personal protective equipment (PPE) at all times
  • Genuine, caring service focused on meeting the emotional needs of victims of crime

Whether you require urgent assistance or seeking advice, we’re here to help, call Bluey’s any time of night or day on 1800 925 925

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