Regupol Floor Cleaning Solutions

Regupol floor cleaning solutions when hygiene matters

Meeting the challenges of durability and hard wearing whilst maintaining appearance are characteristics of Regupol and other rubber flooring products now found in commercial enterprises that raises the bench mark in safety and hygiene.

Regupol is suitable for all applications where impact resistance to sound and vibration control is crucial, whilst being durable and resistant to mechanical loads. It is often utilised for a wide variety of sports and gym surfaces, commercial flooring, building protection, vibration control and anti-slip applications for example.

A resilient floor that deserves your attention 

Regupol products therefore face some tough conditions requiring an effective cleaning program and product knowledge. From daily dry particulate removal to an effective cleaning routine that manages site specific conditions is essential.

In a perfect world, this would be great but in reality, left unchecked improper cleaning methodology may cause unsightly floor discolouration, that can pose as a slip hazard where unhygienic conditions prevail.

Exceeding expectations in rubber and Regupol floor cleaning

In a commercial setting, especially sporting, educational, and medical facilities ensuring your cleaning services are conducted in accordance with manufacturers guidelines is highly recommended to not only protect your investment, but primarily to ensure a safe and hygienic environment is achieved and remains sustainable.

In particular,

  • Avoid exposure to caustic chemicals, including high alkaline detergents
  • Bodily fluids, such as sweat and blood may require a more intense routine
  • All cleaning and sanitising solutions should be TGA approved and ‘PH’ neutral
  • Minimise residual detergent remaining on the floor

Since 2008, Bluey’s Cleaning Solutions clients’ have benefited from our product knowledge and experience to manage all facets of Regupol Floor Cleaning requirements. In line with manufactures’ guidelines and product advancements, we are well placed to help you manage your individual site requirements, now and into the future.

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