Commercial Floor Cleaning Solutions

When hygiene matters in the workplace, start from the ground up !

When it comes to creating a safe work environment having an effective facilities management program incorporating commercial floor cleaning is a prerequisite for any business.

Having the right people on your side can make the difference for public safety, managing work place hygiene and cost efficiency.

Since 2008, we have helped our clients develop sustainable and affordable cleaning solutions for their specific floor types, that promotes safety, hygienic appearance and durability in maintenance.

Bluey’s commercial floor cleaning staff are Certified IICRC Hard Floor technicians, specialist in hygiene restoration services for contaminated floors, heavily soiled and unhygienic to providing solutions for regular maintenance services.

Certified Technicians in all aspects of – 

 Experienced in all facets of – 

  • Carpet Steam Cleaning
  • Low Moisture Carpet Dry Cleaning
  • Vinyl Cleaning, Stripping & Re-Sealing
  • Water Damage Restoration 24/7 – 365
  • Stain & Odour Removal
  • High Pressure Steam Cleaning
  • Floor Removal – Vinyl, Carpet and Adhesives

A Clean Scene Makes Sense !

Let’s face it, cleaning can be difficult to manage in a busy environment and often way down on the priority list that often leaves customers and staff bewildered by a perceived lack of care.

Improper cleaning systems or attention to detail often results in unsightly conditions prevailing, that can adversely affect the health, safety and productivity of your staff and ultimately profitability.

Why risk the most important assets of your business when help is just a phone call away, to provide you with –

  • Competent & reliable staff on call 24/7
  • Trained & certified to international standards
  • A comphrensive service for all floor types
  • Integrated cleaning, maintenance & hygiene monitoring

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