Crime Scene Cleaners Brisbane

Crime scene cleaners Brisbane property owners can count on 

·      24-hour emergency response service
·      Owned by a former crime scene investigator with first-hand experience in best practice crime scene management
·      Safe and timely disposal of hazardous material
·      Victim-focused crime scene cleaner service
·      Confidentiality and discretion assured

If you’re fortunate to have never been the victim of a violent crime, it may come as a surprise to learn that law enforcement agencies are void of responsibility when it comes to cleaning up the crime scene once the investigation is complete.

While some property owners may consider removing all traces of the crime themselves, it’s not recommended due to the added trauma this may cause.

Bluey’s Cleaning Solutions is a team of Brisbane crime scene cleaners certified in advanced crime scene cleaning methods including the safe removal of blood and bodily fluids, waste and hazard disposal, air purification, site clearance, hygiene certification and removal of contaminated items.

Why do you need a crime scene cleaner in Brisbane?

Once the criminal investigation is complete, we recommend you avoid entering the scene to reduce the chance of contaminating the rest of the property and causing further trauma or injury to yourself and those around you.

By using the latest purpose-built technology and industry-approved methods, Bluey’s dedicated crime scene cleaner service in Brisbane helps to maintain the value of the property and its contents including hard furnishings and personal belongings which can be cleaned on or off-site at your guidance.

Confidentiality and discretion assured 

We understand you may not want public attention from the crime, so we operate a strict approach to privacy to help you honour legal obligations and reduce psychological impact. We use unmarked vehicles for sensitive crime scene cleaner jobs to avoid raising curiosity with neighbouring properties.

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