Crime Scene Cleaners Sydney

Professional and compassionate crime scene cleaners servicing Sydney and surrounds. 

If a crime has taken place at your home or property, fast and efficient cleaning of the scene is paramount to the physical and emotional wellbeing of the occupants.

Potential hazards from a crime scene can include:

·      Injury from broken materials such as glass or wood
·      Serious illness transmitted by pathogens contained in blood and other bodily fluids
·      Ongoing trauma from witnessing your property used for a crime.

Bluey’s crime scene cleaners is owned and operated by a former detective with over 20 years’ experience in leading criminal investigations.

Our personal crime scene experience means we understand what’s required to clean the scene safely and efficiently to protect wellbeing and reduce trauma for occupants of the property. With relevant police training, our team has a unique perspective to crime and trauma incidents including direct knowledge of the chemicals used in investigations (such as fingerprint dust), and how best to dispose of them.

What to do if you need a crime scene cleaner, Sydney 

·      Where possible, don’t enter the crime scene. Not only can this potentially destroy vital evidence, but any hazards present could also seriously harm health or cause injury
·      Call Bluey’s crime scene cleaners on 1800 925 925
·      We will give immediate advice over the phone and attend the crime scene straight away whatever the time of night or day.

Following violence or traumatic incidents, you instinctively want to remove every last trace of the crime quickly and efficiently. Avoid facing the scene and call Bluey’s instead, our crime scene cleaners are discreet, professional and considerate of the emotions experienced post-trauma.

Committed to advanced technology and processes

Trauma and exposure to biohazards such as blood-borne illnesses are both great risks to physical and emotional health. We’re dedicated to developing and reviewing our processes in line with industry best practice and advancements in technology.

Crime Scene Cleaner Services:

•   Containment and collection of bodily fluids
•   Lawful disposal of biological and clinical waste
•   Removal of vile odours and bloodstains
•   Waste sorting and disposal
•   Contents cleaning and sanitising
•   Steam cleaning services
•   Sanitary wash down of internal structures
•   Anti-microbial and ozone treatment

We respect your home and will restore it to its original condition after a crime, to find out more about crime scene cleaners (Sydney and surrounds) call 1800 925 925.

Professional Crime Scene Cleaners in Sydney - Phone 1800 925 925

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