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Did you know that sewage waste is classified as a biohazard and sewage cleaning services require trained, skilled professionals who know how to safely complete the job?

For more the ten years, Bluey’s Cleaning Solutions’ bio-recovery technicians have tackled the toughest sewage cleanup jobs. We contain and extract sewage waste water and effluent before providing a sanitary cleaning service to restore properties to a verifiable hygienic state.

The right people on the job for good reasons

Let’s face it, sewage stinks. But that’s not the only problem with it. If it’s standing in your home or commercial building, it’s dangerous. Raw sewage effluent and waste water contains biological agents such as bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites that can cause serious illness and even death. Building structures affected by sewage will require specialised remediation where contents may require removal.

None the less, occupants should vacate a building contaminated with sewage or cordon off the area restricting access where possible.

Trained professionals on the job 24/7 

If you’ve experienced a burst pipe or have standing sewage waste water in your home, yard or office, it is not safe to wait – or attempt dealing with the issue yourself. Our technicians have received specialised training in how to safely remove biohazards such as sewage and restore your property without delay.

When you’re dealing with sewage back up, you want technicians that will do the job right, and be professional and ethical. Our staff will promptly attend and assess the site and provide an overview of the restoration works required, helping you through the next steps to take.

To do that, we assess the extent of damage and ensure plumbing contractors have removed blockages and completed pipe repairs, to get the ball rolling with remediation. We will then provide you with a remediation plan and no obligation quote for insurance, no surprises.

Ready to take on any sewage cleanup in Brisbane 

For emergency remediation works, we will turn up in our fully equipped vehicle to extract waste water, contain effluent matter as hazardous waste, complete sanitary cleaning processes including air purification (HEPA air scrubbing) and commence dehumidification to dry structures ready for the next move to restore your property.

Our biohazard remediation team are dedicated and compassionate, and qualified to manage all aspects of restoration following industry standards (IICRC) in water damage, mould remediation and industrial cleaning to ensure properties affected by sewage waste are safe and hygienically cleaned for occupants.

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