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In a commercial setting, facility management can be a daunting task when addressing indoor air quality and safety, now made a whole lot easier. As a unique textile floor covering, Flotex surpasses all expectations in durability and resilience to wear, whilst increasing efficiency for cleaning and maintenance.

Unlike any other carpeted material, Flotex raises the bench mark in hygiene and safety. Manufactured in a way that limits soiling and moisture below the pile surface, Flotex is the preferred floor covering for medical, educational facilities, nursing homes and other facilities where safety and building hygiene are paramount.

A resilient floor that deserves your attention

As a commercial floor covering, Flotex faces some tough conditions requiring an effective maintenance program and product knowledge. From daily dry soil removal to an effective floor cleaning service that manages site specific conditions is essential to validate warranties and insurance.

Left unchecked, moisture and organic matter (soiling) may lodge under the pile surface, causing discolouration which may lead to microbial contamination (and odour). Improper cleaning systems and detergent residue further enhances complaints and owner fatigue trying to sort out the mess.

Relax, these issues are easily overcome and Bluey’s Cleaning will help you restore the balance, keeping everyone happy.

Industry renowned Flotex cleaning service provider

Since 2008, Bluey’s Cleaning clients have benefited from our product knowledge, industry certification and experience to manage all facets of Flotex floor cleaning, stain removal and restoration services compliant with both manufactures’ product guidelines and Australian standards (Aust/NZ 3773:1995). 

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