Forensic Cleaning Gold Coast

Victim-focused forensic cleaning Gold Coast residents can trust 

Whether you’ve been the victim of a violent crime at home, or a death has occurred in a family members property, it’s the responsibility of the next of kin or property owner to contain and remove hazards and make the property safe for future occupants.

While processing the emotional trauma of a crime or loss, it can be overwhelming to know where to start. You may be tempted to clean up yourself, which can lead to safety implications in the future and prolong trauma.

Forensic cleaning Gold Coast – Just a phone call away 

Whatever the time of night or day, in just one phone call, Bluey’s qualified forensic cleaning technicians based on the Gold Coast will remove all traces of the crime safely, discreetly and with the reassurance that the property is safe and hygienically clean for yourself and future occupants.

Meeting legal and insurance obligations of the victim

Bluey’s is owned and operated by a crime scene investigator with over 25 years’ experience managing crime scenes, so we take every element of the legal process into consideration as part of your forensic cleaning service.

We’ll also provide a detailed report to help process insurance claims or government assistance and can be used in the event of a criminal investigation.

To speak to a technician today, call 1800 925 925.

Why choose Bluey’s for forensic cleaning Gold Coast?

·      Professional training and certification
·      Personal protection (PPE)
·      Industry-specific equipment
·      A thorough appreciation of the hazards being remediated
·      Discreet waste removal
·      Service in line with Australian Health Standards
With our lengthy forensic crime scene cleaning experience, if you don’t know where to start, call Bluey’s today. Our integrated service begins with one phone call and finishes with the removal of all traces of the crime or death and the property restored to its original condition.

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