Forensic Cleaning Sydney

Forensic Cleaners in Sydney prioritising victim’s health and welfare

Following a death, injury, criminal act or traumatic event, once law enforcement agencies have finished at a crime scene, the onus falls on the property owner to restore the scene to its original condition and make the area safe for residents.

While it can be tempting to clean up the crime scene yourself, certified forensic cleaners may be required to safely remove blood, bodily fluids and hazardous waste to contain the property and reduce the trauma faced by residents and victims of crime.

Bluey’s Cleaning Solutions provides forensic cleaning in Sydney and surrounding suburbs. Following industry best practice and protocol, we use specialised cleaning equipment to decontaminate and sanitise biological hazards and safely restore furniture, furnishings and fixtures.

Why Bluey’s should be your first choice for Forensic Cleaning Sydney

Owned and operated by a former crime scene investigator, Bluey’s combines 25 years crime scene experience with over ten years’ experience within the commercial & domestic cleaning industry.

More than just a forensic cleaner, Sydney-based Bluey’s delivers a holistic service which provides support for victims making sure they have everything they need to complete insurance paperwork while meeting legal obligations as a property owner.

As professional forensic cleaners in Sydney we offer consultation to appreciate your requirements before providing a sanitary cleaning solution to safely identify & remove hazards whilst certifying our decontamination processes using our scientifically proven methodology that is detailed within final reports & site clearance.

Why choose Bluey’s forensic cleaners in Sydney

  • Relieve the pressure of cleaning the scene where blood and bodily fluids pose a risk to occupant health and safety
  • Fully integrated forensic cleaning service from first phone call to complete sanitisation and restoration of crime scene
  • Safety-focused techniques and equipment
  • Reduce psychological trauma caused by cleaning a crime scene
  • Avoid future problems caused by ineffective sanitisation and cleaning methods
  • Remove legal liability by not cleaning properly
  • Fully trained and certified to Australian health standards
  • Rapid response to secure the scene and remove potential contaminants before posing a risk to health

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