Gold Coast Carpet Steam Cleaning

The preferred carpet cleaning system and here’s why

From residential to commercial carpet cleaning solutions, there’s no better choice for a deep and hygienic clean, a thorough rinse and a soft finish on every carpet type than Bluey’s carpet steam cleaning service on the Gold Coast.

Bluey’s are IICRC certified Carpet Cleaning Technicians, equipped with industry leading machinery, equipment and premium chemicals that has consistently raised the standard in carpet cleaning services since 2008.

Restore indoor air quality and hygienic conditions from the ground up.

When it comes to maintaining building hygiene, carpet not only provides aesthetic appeal, warmth and comfort but did you know carpet provides ‘filtering’ of airborne contaminates and surface soil retention that helps promote safe and hygienic living conditions.

Not only does a regular carpet steam cleaning improve the environment for residents or visitors, but it also removes dust, ground-in dirt, mould and harmful bacteria that can affect air quality and lead to allergies and serious illness.

At Bluey’s, our residential floor cleaning solutions provide clients with a range of realistic and affordable services to suit the size, purpose and budget of the household.

Our services range from restoring water damaged, contaminated and heavily soiled floors through to regular maintenance following a systematic approach and IICRC standards.

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