Hoarder Clean-Up Brisbane

Caring and compassionate hoarder clean-up service, Brisbane and surrounds

Hoarding is a disorder associated with the excessive saving of items that an outsider may deem worthless.

Differing from ‘collecting’ as a hobby, over time, hoarding can snowball until the hoarder’s home or space is so cluttered that daily life becomes disrupted.

In many cases, a hoarder can be too embarrassed to seek help, or they become so overwhelmed they don’t know how to start fixing the problem. Hoarding then escalates and the space becomes a health risk. Rodents, faeces, insect infestations and mould are common by-products of hoarding putting the health of residents in grave danger.

Bluey’s Cleaning Solutions: Brisbane’s hoarder clean-up service

At Bluey’s, Forensic Cleaning services, our hoarder clean-up services across Brisbane are delivered with compassion and free from judgement.

We understand that hoarding is a medical condition and not a lifestyle choice, and display empathy to clients and their families every step of the way.

A structured process from beginning to end

Our integrated hoarder clean-up service begins with an initial assessment to define the safest and least invasive way to remove rubbish and decontaminate the property.

Once the rubbish has been removed, we’ll then restore the property to a safe condition by removing all invisible biohazards that are embedded within the structure including walls, flooring and furnishings whilst offering building repairs and maintenance.

With a qualified and experienced hoarder clean-up technician, a home can often be restored to its original condition and functionality. Not only does this raise the condition and value of the property but can also increase the self-worth of occupants potentially leading them on a whole new path.

When handled with sensitivity and considering any potential emotional trauma, hoarder clean-up is the first step towards a hoarder’s new life.

If you’re in Brisbane and looking for a discreet and judgement-free hoarder clean-up service, contact Bluey’s on 1800 925 925 for a no-obligation quote today.

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