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Hoarding is a condition categorised by the excessing storing of items others may deem as rubbish or worthless.

While plenty of hoarders struggle to part with items in their own home, many are doing the same in rental properties, hostels and hotels. While hoarding is a medical condition and not a lifestyle choice, a hoarding tenant can have serious financial consequences for a landlord whose property and neighbouring residents may be at risk.

Whether you’re a landlord, real estate agent or hotel owner on the Gold Coast, a hoarding tenant can cause stress, financial strain and emotional trauma to all involved.

To maintain the value of your property and make sure it remains an attractive opportunity for future tenants and residents, all traces of the hoarder must be forensically cleaned using advanced techniques.

Not only must surface rubbish be removed, but also any unseen biohazards caused by contaminants found in rubbish, mould and faeces must be thoroughly sanitised to remove all health risks to existing and future occupants.

At Bluey’s Cleaning Solutions, we use the latest techniques in hoarding clean up (Gold Coast and surrounds) as recommended by the American Bio-Recovery Association (ABRA) to restore your property and help it hold its market potential.

Why choose Bluey’s for hoarder cleaning Gold Coast?

  • Excellent local knowledge
  • End to end service starting with a thorough assessment
  • Discreet service to protect confidentiality
  • Complete waste removal and sanitisation to sustain future profitability
  • Remove all safety issues for existing and future occupants
  • Preserve the building to maintain its value

Bluey’s discreet service protects your reputation as a property owner to minimise the impact on your business. We’ve been carrying out hoarder clean-ups on the Gold Coast for over eight years sanitising and making buildings safe for landlords, business owners, homeowners and real estate agents.

To find out more about Bluey’s hoarder cleaning Gold Coast service, call 1800 925 925 today.

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