Leather & Upholstery Cleaning and Protection

Fine Cotton Steam Cleaning

Fine Cotton Cleaning

Upholstered or leather furniture, a precious resource for any décor or family possession that ads comfort & prestige to any environment.  Bluey’s understand that the correct care & maintenance of your possessions is very important, thats why we provide leather & upholstery cleaning compliant with manufacture’s requirements to cater for the varying needs of delicate & intricate materials used in fine furniture to protect your investment for years to come.

Extra care and attention to detail is the key to successfully cleaning décor items whereby our knowledge and specialized training provides optimum results. Utilizing mild cleaning agents that are non-toxic and hot water extraction methods allows you to take a seat and just relax in no time at all.

When dealing with upholstery cleaning, Bluey’s  employ techniques to ensure fabric is identified, pre-sprays are checked against material & manufacturers recommendations, dry vacuum seat areas and crevices, pre-treat stains, the correct steam cleaning pressure is applied and vapour extraction occurs to ensure quick drying of the fabric before final treatments for fabric protection.

Fine leather cleaning

Leather cleaning is a hands on process, requiring meticulous preparation & manual processes to ensure the correct cleaning agent is applied to remove stains, oily residue & other organic matter that can be held in porous leather material. Once cleaned, the application of protection treatments is essential to maintain the look & feel of leather furniture.

As with all quality furnishings, the more care & attention to detail in maintaining & restoring these items will ensure your décor items will stand the test of time for years to come.

Cleaning & protection for your upholstered & leather Furniture

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