Nicotine Smoke Cleanup & Restoration Services

Nicotine smoke cleanup of residue in residential properties is not only hazardous but can damage the property & contents by it’s toxic nature. Nicotine is hygroscopic, an oily substance that has the ability to attract & hold moisture, making it difficult to remove. Overall Nicotine Smoke Cleanup presents a substantial toxic & hazardous problem for occupants, property structure & contents.

Nicotine Smoke Cleanup

Nicotine is only one of more than 4,000 chemicals, many of which are poisonous, found in the smoke from tobacco products. Smoke damage of this nature can cause serious illness in people & residue can remain in the property for years if not treated correctly, also damaging walls, floor coverings, roof surfaces, cupboards/fixtures, furniture & affects. Visible staining on surfaces is easily transferable to humans & absorbed into our bodies by odour vapour & direct contact, where the health effects on non smokers or small children can be devastating.

Since 2008, Bluey’s Cleaning has successfully decontaminated properties affected by hazardous levels of smoke & odours relating to nicotine, equipped with the right tools & hazard awareness we will restore your property to a safe & hygienic condition.

Bluey’s Remediation Service

Remediation involves the effective removal of the oil base liquid & residue that is not only visible on surfaces but penetrates deep inside the pores of most surfaces, requiring specialised equipment, techniques & chemicals to extract the Nicotine oil residue. Odour contamination will remain until effective cleaning takes place & air filtration occurs.

To simply paint over the contamination after a basic wash down would create more problems as the Nicotine Smoke residue will permeate through the paint & also cause problems for paint adherence. The effect would be a property with paint stain damage or discolouration & severe odour contamination, where toxic chemicals would still be present.

The biohazard response team at Blueys Cleaning Solutions understands the dangers involved in Nicotine smoke remediation to protect not only current residents but future occupants as a failure to effectively decontaminate this chemical residue can result in health complaints for future occupants, property damage & effectively property devaluation.

Bluey’s Remediation Service

Nicotine cleanup solutions - protecting the health of occupants

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