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A sewage leak or burst pipe can result in a clean-up loaded with harmful biohazards contained in human waste and matter.

Not only is sewage foul, pathogens present in waste such as faeces, urine and blood can cause serious illness and even death in vulnerable people such as the elderly and children.

Pathogens found in sewage include:
·      Salmonella
·      Shigella
·      E Coli
·      Strep
·      Giardia Lamblia

Sewage cleaner Sydney available 24/7  

Bluey’s Cleaning Solutions provides a complete sewage clean-up service from start to finish to minimise the risk of exposure to harmful bacteria and protect the health of residents.

To remove health hazards associated with exposure to pathogens quickly, we clean and sanitise the whole area and restore the Sydney property to its original condition whatever the time of night or day.

Sewage cleaner services for Sydney residents:  

·      Sanitise whole area
·      Recommend the best course of action for sewage clean-up
·      Remove carpets and furnishings where required
·      Specialised cleaning in line with insurance requirements
·      Water damage clean-up

If your property has been exposed to sewage, resist the temptation to hose the property yourself. Waste must be removed and the whole area de-contaminated following industry best practice to protect the health of everyone in the property and neighbouring area.

Our team of trained sewage cleaners servicing Sydney and the surrounding area are skilled professionals who will make an assessment on the best remedy to remove all traces of contamination and restore your property to its original condition.

Call Bluey’s Cleaning Solutions on 1800 925 925 for a prompt sewage cleaner service today.

Sydney Sewage clean-up, prompt service to reduce risk of contamination

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