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For many people, out of sight is out of mind. This is particularly true for sewage waste, after all, once you flush that should be the end of it, right! Though what happens when untreated sewage returns and overflows through drains, internal pipes or toilets due to blockages, structural damage or heavy rain?

Untreated sewage waste contains raw animal and human bodily fluids, faecal matter, hazardous chemical waste and other biological contaminants. Pathogens or disease causing agents such as bacteria, viruses, fungal spores and protozoans exist not only in sewage effluent matter but within clean toilet water.

Exposure can cause illnesses ranging from gastritis to dysentery, infectious hepatitis, severe gastroenteritis and even death.

Bluey’s Cleaning technicians specialise in biohazard remediation, safely containing hazards and performing a full range of property restoration works to ensure your property is returned to a pre-loss condition following industry protocol and validation of sanitary conditions within the property.

Why is sewage cleanup hazardous? 

Sewage cleanup can be a ‘High-Risk’ task, since dangerous contaminants are an inherent part of sewage, factors including length of exposure time to affected materials, volume of water or effluent entering the property by flooding and secondary contamination to the building structures or contents will determine the extent of restoration services required.

The removal of affected contents & structural materials may be necessary. It is likely, anything touched by sewage will be contaminated! Items deemed unrecoverable, include carpet & underlay, upholstered furniture, bedding & linen, soft furnishings & toys, timber skirting and gyprock wall linings (if affected) to name a few.

Following IICRC standards, the preferred sewage cleanup protocol follows:

Commence remediation ASAP

Plumber or water board repairs damage or removes blockage

Relocate occupants or isolate contaminated area

Rapid extraction of bulk water and structural drying

Building assessment 

Contents assessment 

Remove contaminated material 

Sanitary cleaning process & validation 

Lawful Waste Removal & Disposal (EPA compliance). 

Ready to respond 24/7 – 365 days a year on the Gold Coast

Your technicians at Blueys Cleaning Solutions follow industry standards for water damage restoration to ensure that untimely sewage spills or faeces contamination is contained and safely removed to comply with EPA requirements & environmental considerations.

A quick response to sewage cleanup is paramount, even for properties left unattended, time is the major factor to contain a dangerous environment & initiate safe restoration roles to restore your property to a safe & hygienic condition.

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