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Restore your property: Squatter clean-up Brisbane

If a property has been left empty for any length of time, it can become attractive to squatters looking for a place to shelter.

In many cases, squatters of all ages can attract unsociable behaviour. In abandoned or neglected properties, drug and alcohol use, graffiti and vandalism are common occurrences which become the responsibility of the property owner to clean up and make safe.

Not only is the owner responsible for their immediate property, but body corporate by-laws and insurance obligations may also mean they’re responsible for common areas and neighbouring properties too. This responsibility makes safe and hygienic squatter clean-up by a recommended professional, a must.

Bluey’s: Squatter clean-up services restoring properties across Brisbane

When you choose Bluey’s for squatter clean-up in the Brisbane area, you’re choosing a forensic cleaner who’s discreet, knowledgeable and will restore your property to a habitable condition ready for the next step.

While many properties may only require rubbish removal, if the presence of faeces, drug paraphernalia or bodily fluids is present, the area becomes a biohazard risk and thorough sanitisation is required for the safety of future occupants and neighbouring residents.

Our remediation services for squatter properties in Brisbane begin with a thorough assessment to decide on the best course of action.

Squatter clean-up services include but aren’t limited to:

  • Waste and rubbish removal
  • Graffiti removal
  • Mould remediation
  • Clean-up from storm and fire damage.

Without witnessing the squatter’s living conditions, it’s impossible to know the exact causes of surface and structural damage. As a property owner, you must take all necessary precautions to remove traces of all obvious and potential contaminants.

We understand it can be overwhelming to tackle a squatter clean-up alone, so one phone call to Bluey’s is all it takes.

With full accreditation, access to advanced technology and full PPE protective clothing and equipment, our sophisticated waste removal and biohazard remediation will restore your property safely and hygienically to prepare for onward sale or habitation.

For more information or an obligation-free quote, contact Bluey’s on 1800 925 925 today.

Restore your property after squatters: Brisbane and surrounds

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