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Trauma Cleaners in Brisbane property owners recommend

The need for trauma cleaners in Brisbane can arise from many scenarios ranging from violent crime, injury or death in a property to clandestine drug labs where a property is exposed to harmful chemicals.

Each scenario where bodily fluids or chemicals are present can pose a biohazard threat, which could cause serious health concerns leading to severe illness or even death.

Bluey’s Cleaning Solutions has provided residents of Brisbane with trauma cleaning services since 2014. We’re qualified specialists in:
·      Bio-recovery technicians (forensic cleaners)
·      Health and safety
·      Carpet & hard floor cleaning,
·      Flood, fire and mould restoration
·      Clandestine drug labs (methamphetamine and cannabis),
·      Contents & furniture recovery
·      Biohazard removal and decontamination
·      Safe removal of blood and bodily fluid

Not only do we use our professional experience as a crime scene investigator to remove all signs of the trauma carefully, but we also do it discreetly while helping the occupants avoid prolonged trauma.

End-to-end trauma cleaning services in just one phone call 

If you’ve experienced trauma in your property, you only need to make one phone call and we’ll take care of everything whatever the time of night or day.

We’ll make recommendations on the safest and most effective way to dispose of biohazards to protect the integrity of the property and remove all risk of illness and injury to occupants.

We also provide full reporting in line with your insurance and legal obligations as a property owner to reduce the impact of the trauma.

Protective clothing essential in trauma clean-up

When dealing with biohazards caused by blood and bodily fluids, regulatory personal protective equipment (PPE) must be worn at all times.

Specialised equipment covers at least a half face with air-purifying respirator with HEPA/organic vapour cartridges, nitrile gloves, splash-proof goggles, rubber boots, and protective disposable ‘coverall’ suit.

If you’ve experienced trauma on your Brisbane property, we urge you to avoid the scene and call Bluey’s Cleaning Solutions on 1800 925 925 today. We are your trauma cleaning specialists in Brisbane whatever the time of night or day, from start to finish.

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