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Trauma Cleaners Gold Coast Residents Count on 

If your property has been the scene of a violent crime, death or serious accident, it can be hard to know where to start with the clean-up.

You might want to clean the scene yourself to avoid more people coming in the property after law enforcement agencies have finished, but this should be avoided.

Gold Coast-based trauma cleaners Bluey’s Cleaning Solutions is owned by a former Sergeant of Police with over 20 years’ experience managing crime scenes. We use first-hand knowledge to assess the scene from a legal point of view and make recommendations for effective trauma cleaning methods from a professional point of view.

Safely deal with blood and biological hazards 

Blood and other bodily fluids can pose a severe health risk to occupants. Not only from direct touch but also inhaling airborne pathogens, so it’s essential to clear all contaminants, even those you can’t see.

With our knowledge of biohazards, our specialist equipment will remove all traces of the trauma swiftly and by avoiding more trauma so occupants can return to the property once it’s fully restored with no evidence of the traumatic incident.

Confidential and discreet trauma cleaners 

After a traumatic incident, we understand that you might want to close the doors to the world and deal with the trauma scene yourself.

Only a trained professional should handle blood and pathogens to reduce the risk of severe illness and prolonging the trauma for the victim.

Why should you choose Bluey’s as your trauma cleaner, Gold Coast ?

·      Full accreditation to Australian safety standards in line with IICRC ad ABRA certification
·      Utilise developments in technology to provide advanced biohazard cleaning and disposal.
·      20 years of hands-on experience managing crime scenes as a detective
·      Confidentiality assured
·      Professional clean up service delivered with compassion and care
·      Remove potential dangers from a traumatic situation
·      Remove infectious pathogens present in blood and bodily fluids by safe disposal.
·      Reduce extending the trauma by facing a traumatic crime scene
·      Specialists in disease management and infection control

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Trauma Cleaners Gold Coast Helping Victims Recover Faster

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