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Understanding Decomposition & Remediation Roles

Unattended Death & Decomposition Cleaning In the case of an ‘Unattended Death’, decomposition can occur in a very short period of time. People entering the property are confronted with a scene where strong vile odours have migrated throughout the home & contents. From what is known about human decomposition, two chemical odours are produced that[…]


Unattended Death Scenes – Legal Issues

The unattended death of a person under unusual or unnatural circumstances is reportable under the provisions of the Coroners Act 2003 in Queensland, and similar Acts throughout Australia, where the presiding Coroner will conduct an inquest to determine a cause of death or provide findings for police to investigate or commence criminal proceedings. A reportable[…]


3 Ways to Help with Deceased Estate Clean Up

In our line of work, we meet people every day who have lost a loved one—often through a traumatic event. We enter their lives at a time of great grieving, when the last thing they want to do is think about the deceased’s estate cleaning. Our goal is to take the stress out of estate[…]


Who to Hire for Crime Scene Cleaning

Crime scene cleaning, also known as forensic cleaning, includes crime scenes, accidents and situations where a traumatic event has occurred. In the aftermath of a violent crime, family and friends of the victim are devastated. During this time of grief, they have to arrange to have the crime scene cleaned. It’s very stressful. That’s why[…]

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