Trauma Cleaners Sydney

Trauma Cleaners restoring Sydney properties safely

After a traumatic incident in your property, it’s human nature to immediately start cleaning and remove all signs that the incident occurred.

But that’s the last thing we recommend.

Not only can traumatic scenes such as a violent crime or death expose occupants to dangerous pathogens that can cause infection or illness, but the potential trauma of being present at the scene can also increase emotional recovery time for the victim or property-owner.

Blueys Cleaning Solutions: Leading Trauma Cleaners in Sydney

Bluey’s is a trauma cleaner in Sydney owned by a previous crime scene investigator with over 20 years’ experience in managing crime scenes.

Our intricate knowledge of biohazards and personal risks that trauma scenes pose best places us to restore your Sydney property to a safe and pristine condition reducing the physical and emotional impact of the event.

Specialised training and equipment are required to manage blood and bodily fluids safely. We follow best practice in industry protocol with compassion and care for what the property owner is experiencing to ease the pressures of what is likely to be a very traumatic time.

Choose Bluey’s Cleaning for trauma cleaning in Sydney if: 

.      Someone has died on your property under traumatic circumstances
·      You want to avoid infection, illness or injury due to pathogens present in blood and other bodily fluids secreted at the crime scene
·      You want a discreet trauma cleaner to avoid neighbours asking you questions which can prolong the trauma
·      You want someone to manage all areas of restoring the property and returning it to a safe and hygienic condition
·      You want a trauma cleaner trained and certified by the IICRC and ABRA

If a violent crime or traumatic event has taken place on your property, call 1800 925 925 to speak to our professional trauma cleaners in Sydney.

Trauma cleaners servicing Sydney properties. Call 1800 925 925 for a no-obligation quote.

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